On the 27th of April 2013 we officially celebrated our first year in business!

Its been a long journey since our launch and a lot of people didn't think we would last this long. Our incorporation was surrounded by controversy as I sold VMPort (A budget OpenVZ virtualization company) to FTNHosting in 2012 to put my efforts into building and maintaining a KVM focused brand. Back then I knew the technology was going to really take off and I was right, today there are many more options for KVM VPS hosting, with company's now starting to undercut each other exactly as we have seen with OpenVZ technology.

We are constantly improving our services in the back-end and are always ensuring we remain future-proof and competitive. I have already placed my prediction for this year as I had for the last, soon we will see company's focusing on smaller plans such as 64MB/128MB and even 256MB begin to go out of business or increase there pricing due to extreme IPv4 exhaustion. I am already seeing this myself when contacting potential partners regarding location expansions, upstream providers just don't want to provide large IPv4 allocations any more, after all they have there own business to think of. Its becoming more and more common for datacenters to start offering there own VPS services too, which limits other virtualization company's that don't own facilities even further. After all if a company has a choice between giving other VPS providers there IP addresses, or using them for there own virtualization services, which do you think they are going to choose?

At GetKVM we have invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring all of our locations are IPv6 ready and we have had native IPv6 routing and addresses in place since the very beginning, whilst other providers are yet to implement IPv6 at all. You may have also noticed that we recently retired our KVM256 package in order to cut down our IPv4 footprint. This has also offered us several other benefits such as less VPS per physical server, it has also opened up our location choices for future deployments as we no longer need larger IPv4 subnets.

We are now an official Microsoft partner too, which will allow us to provide our end-users with a vast array of Microsoft licenses on a pay-monthly basis. Over the next year you can expect to see a lot more features and offers from us, including the option of daily off-site backups (Automated), snapshot backups (Manual), Windows VPS, port monitoring and GetKVM Multi-node, a purpose built KVM platform which will allow developers to deploy and build VPS on the fly in any of our three locations to there specifications.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, both past and present, for there loyalty and business, without you we would not have made it this far. I would also like to offer you a special promotion to celebrate our birthday with us.

Please use the promotion code THEBIG1 for a recurring 50% discount on ANY package in ANY location. Order in our Chișinău location and you will also receive a free double RAM upgrade.

Best Regards,
Ashley Hawkridge
GetKVM.com | Owner/Manager

Monday, April 29, 2013

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