Apr 5th GetKVM Announce expansion in Chișinău (EU/Moldova)

As of Friday the 5th of April 2013 we are proud to announce the expansion of our KVM virtual server product line. We can now supply our standard range of KVM VPS configurations out of Chișinău, Moldova from the privately owned HostEasy facility.For more information please contact our sales team at sales@getkvm.com. For a limited time only, ... Read More »

Apr 3rd ISO Library cleanup & updates

Today we completed a full rebuild of our KVM ISO/CDRom library. This work included the removal of any out-of-date operating systems and custom ISO files which were no longer required. All CDRoms have been updated to the latest stable ... Read More »

Mar 14th Scheduled maintenance notice - 18/03/2013

Status: CompletedAffected Service(s): Hypervisor 03, Hypervisor05 and Hypervisor07On the 18/03/2013 at 12:00 GMT we will be upgrading the OpenVZ kernels of the mentioned systems to the latest stable version (042stab075.2) which will require a full system reboot.This procedure should take no longer than 15 minutes at which point all VPS will be ... Read More »

Mar 12th Customer portal problems

Tonight the developers of the billing/support system we use released a security patch to fix several vulnerabilities. After we applied this update, news broke that the patch causes issues with transaction logging, leaving paid invoices left as unpaid etc.Shortly after this patch was released, the developers released another new version of the ... Read More »

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