Today we completed the first phase of a security and service improvement procedure which will continue for the next four weeks. During this time many improvements will be made to the method we use to provide VPS, support and billing management.

Due to the recent SolusVM vulnerability scares, the first phase involved rebuilding, migrating and securing our core SolusVM server. We have migrated the panel to a new server within Amsterdam, allowing us to retain your personal information inside the European union whilst hosting the system outside of our own network for redundancy purposes. The new server also features pure SSD storage which should make VPS management a smoother, quicker experience. The system was installed from fresh on a minimal version of CentOS and a full security audit was also carried out before restoring our database.

The control panel can now be found at the new URL http://core.getkvm.co.uk:5353 or https://core.getkvm.co.uk:5656 (Secured). The expired SSL certificate has also been replaced.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

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